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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


While most writers seek us out for help with matters involving the police, crime, and criminal procedure, we also perform copy editing or line editing on manuscripts.

Copyediting addresses technical flaws. Some call it an incredibly high-end proofread. As part of copyediting, we check:
word usage
awkward phrases
missing words
story details
tight writing
detecting ambiguous statements
checking internal consistency
Internal consistency means your plot, setting, and character traits do not change. For example, if you write on page 26 that Tim has a blue truck and then on page 32, the truck is now red, that's a lack of consistency. You might be surprised how often we see mistakes like that.
Line editing involves the manuscript's content and writing style on the sentence and paragraph level. It examines how you communicate the story--how you use language. Some of the issues we look for include:
confusing scenes
opportunities for tighter language
content that does not flow
unclear meaning
opportunities to omit needless words
awkward writing

We give you "two for one" by ensuring your details on crime, criminals, the police, and the criminal justice system are accurate and plausible while providing editing of your manuscript. We work hard so our clients are always satisfied with both aspects of our efforts.


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